I was sending my parents a text message this past Saturday when we were at a Cider House up island. Hillary and Thomas were in the process of taking down a massive flight of cider and I was propped up only by the help of Tylenol AM. My iPhone refused to correct the mistake, "no alcohol for sick-y", I wanted to say, cleverly. Instead, my iPhone decided I was Sucky and I actually agreed.
If there is anything I absolutely detest, it's being sick. Not like I know a score of people that thinking being sick is awesome, but a few ladies I know relish the attention they receive upon a few feverish days. I thought about this as I crawled from my bed to the bathroom all day on Thursday, swearing at myself for not taking it easier after the Parksville ride. I let my body completely shut down for five days. I could hardly look at any of the Easter treats I had baked for Hillary and Thomas, because I couldn't consider eating without also considering vomit. Ugh.
As the sickness has slowly past, I can't help but to think what a great weekend I had anyway. I showed the siblings around the Island, tried to share some of my "Best Of" locations and wow them with my Knowledge of Area. I am so happy they were here, and I can't wait for another sibling weekend.