I love Las Vegas.

Most people who know me try to understand, or at least smile and nod whenever I talk about the city. I can feel my cheeks flush, a grin growing, and my heartbeat speed up. There are moments where I wonder if this is simply a phase I will enter in and pass through; or if these emotions are lasting, enduring. I almost have to resist the urge to run to Hendersen, to the red rocked covered pathways, to the outdoor pool. Pick up a copy of Las Vegas Weekly and read whats been up in the city I love. Add, revise and change the copy of "holly's vegas list" that I dole out to whomever is willing and headed down that way. Buzz to the desert

Instead of waxing on about my time there last week, I instead comprised a short list of realizations, or reminders about my time away.

1. I do my very best thinking when I am away from where I live.

2. I am so confident about every decision I make on the road. This is not true of my life at home (question: Why? To be explored in the weeks ahead).

3. My energy level increases dramatically with exposure to sunshine and heat.

4. Outdoor pool swimming is about 100 times more awesome than indoor pool swimming.

5. I enjoy eating out at fancy places and spending over $50 on a bottle of wine.

6. Backroads people have a magic about them thats special. It doesn't matter the length of time since you've last seen them, where you live, or what you've been doing. You're forever bonded by the intensity of the experience you shared, whether brief or long lasting. Wayne reminded me of this over a pizza dinner, in what was a highlight of the time away.

7. Road tripping remains one of my all-time favourite things.

8. Went to Death Valley, still love it, still want to go back.

9. There is a clarity of mind, a clearing of heart, a reminder of simple life joy on the road. For me this exists so strongly upon leaving Calgary, that I am reminded of the importance of getting away.

The six precious days flew by and I find myself enveloped by Spring back in Calgary. Hope, excitement, and many wonderful plans for the days and weeks that lay ahead.

 Best $2 Drop in Swim!
$6 buys you a bag of skittles and two juice boxes full of too-strong margarita mix.