Our little location outside of Victoria is fairly rural, and as such, biking, running and walking in the area had us notice there are several signs for Eggs. (Also hay, but we can't do anything with that). Jon sent me down to get some Eggs a little while ago. I felt very Little House on The Prairie. I even put on my rain boots for good measure, and had I owned overalls I would have put those on too.

I wandered about a half a km down the road to the first sign for EGGS. I walked up to the little booth, half expecting a farmer to be sitting there, collecting. Instead, there is a sign 'EGGS- Dozen, $4', a mini fridge with several dozen eggs, and a slot to deposit your money. I couldn't help wondering if this was a trick. Eggs? On the Honour System? But what if someone steals all your eggs? THEN WHAT? I walked around looking for someone on the property to ask these questions too, then finally deposited cash into the slot, took a dozen and walked home.

I queried Jon. What happens if someone steals all their eggs? Then what do you do?Can you believe they really just have them sitting out there like that? If they have eggs what else do they have? Do you think the honour system is popular in Victoria? Do you think that would ever work in Calgary? Do you think its just a rural thing? What if someone trashed the stand and took all their money? How much money do you think they make selling eggs each year? Is there money in eggs? Eggs and what else? Do you think they treat the chickens differently, better?

Jon answered my questions, patiently one by one, like he was answering a child playing the twenty question game. Eventually he asked, do you want some, frying up something delicious smelling.

Sure, I said, sat down and ate the eggs. Silence.

Wow. They are delicious.