I am in Tok, Alaska.

There is much to say, to share, ground to cover. I will, in time, be able to do so.

Tonight I went to a Liquor Store in Tok to buy a last six pack of Alaskan beer. Emily was with me and we spotted key chains with our names on them and purchased them. Gleeful like 5 year olds we danced around on the deck of the store, only for me to drop my key chain under the deck. It was lodged firmly underneath in the dirt two feet below.

Give up hope? Never.

We used the Liquor Store Owner's flashlight, wire hanger, duck tape and pliers (not in that order) to free the lost key chain. It took thirty minutes of concentration, movement of wire, prayer and hope.

So for anyone driving past us in a van, all you could see are two women outstretched on the deck outside the liquor store, six pack in hand, flaying their arms madly.

I love my strange, wonderful life.