I really do. It’s probably the Event Planner in me that delights in details from what Wine and alcohol to serve down to finding napkins to match the plates. Decorations, guest lists, food making and preparation are just another part of the party process to delight in. In fact, sometimes I think the anticipation of the exciting events are almost as much fun as the Party itself.
Party used to have another meaning (see below, in fine form at Kin Games 2004).
The highlight of any party is the collective energy that comes together. The very word PARTY implies fun is going to be had! People are getting together! Laughs and beverages will be shared! You get to get dressed up, hopefully in costume but if not at least you can wear something cute and put your hair in hot rollers.
These past few weeks have felt much like one party after the next. Not one to turn down a social event, it seemed like we were bopping from one event to the next: dinner parties, open houses, pub nights, Christmas gatherings, etc. Having my full family in town created an extra tidal wave in this area, cramming in as much Higgins social time possible was delightful, albeit somewhat tiring.
This weekend was the zenith of all the Social Events that have been jamming my calender for weeks and making me want to doze off for a few hours at approximately 2:30pm each day. On Friday my lovely boyfriend took me to NOtaBLE, a restaurant I have been dying to try and has been packed from the day of the opening. We had superb service followed by a round of Oysters for desert left both of us seriously smiling into the night. Saturday morning was the usual Brick Class, except one of special note because it was Jon's "last" Saturday. Loud music, cheering that lit up the entire centre and a load full of people attending made it one of the funnest classes I have ever attended. I even held 500m over ANP a bunch of times and only felt mildly like vomit at the end. 
Thanks for the great photos Cindy!
The worse thing about Parties is, well, The End. So much excitement, anticipation, planning comes to a pinnacle and is followed by, well, NORMAL LIFE. We all know I have somewhat an aversion to what I consider 'Normal Life' which is why I keep getting on airplanes, buying bikes and doing ridiculous things to keep everything EXCITING. 
So I find myself plunking away at Un Fun Adult Chores (they should really teach you this stuff in High School) on a late Monday afternoon suffering from a Party Hangover of sorts, minus the headache, dry mouth or general feelings that my body hates me. Instead, I feel more of a sadness for all the fun things that have come and gone now leaving a cold month ahead where much of NORMAL LIFE is to be expected.
I dropped off my man at the airport, and in usual dramatic fashion cried all my makeup off, and sulked all the way home feeling tremendously sorry for myself. Not just because he is going to Hawaii, not just because these are my final weeks in this city, but for the change and growth and fun and scary and glut of emotions still waiting ahead. 
All this being said, the little party planner in me is sitting right next to her pretty blue 2011 day timer, just itching to start filling it with stuff. Breakfasts at The Lane, Wine Dates, Weekend Rides, quick weekend trips. I can't help it... it's just the Party Girl in me.
 Where Jon is going. It's fine, I'm not jealous.